Best Furniture to Have Sex On

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What makes you choose your favourite piece of furniture? Do you look at chairs or tables for form or function? If, like many of us, you like to take your bedroom gymnastics, well, out of the bedroom, then you may be interested to read the below.

We’ve done a little research for those of you who like a bit of invention when it comes to your sex life, and come up with a list of the best furniture to have sex on and the best position. Aren’t we kind?

So whether you want to perch on a bar stool, or get down to it on a rug, our comprehensive overview shows you exactly how to get the very best out of your furniture....

1) Hanging Chair

The swinging movements of this chair and the height make this piece of furniture a very desirable place to allow the passion to flow. The best position to be in is ‘The Clasp’. Give the chair a slight swing and the extra motion will make things deeply interesting, just make sure to clasp on tight!

How to ........

She sits in the chair with her legs wrapped around his waist whilst he stands. As the chair begins to swing he holds her hips to control the movement and motion.





2) Butterfly Stool

You can get extremely inventive on the Butterfly Stool as there is no chair back, allowing plenty of flexibility.  ‘The Perch’ is pretty difficult, but once you’re in position you won’t want to get up!

How to ........

He sits on the stool with her backed up on to his lap. By having both feet on the floor she controls the penetration by moving back and forth. Wandering hands from both sides can also play a big part in added satisfaction.


3) Executive Desk

We’ve all had those office boardroom fantasies... The Executive desk provides the perfect piece of furniture to get down and dirty in the privacy of an office or boardroom.  Sideways sex is slightly more adventurous but once in position ‘The Sultry Saddle’ is nothing but pure pleasure.

How to ........

Both of you need to be on top of the table for this position to work. He lies down with legs apart and knees bent whilst she slots slightly sideways in to the middle of him, with legs either side of a thigh. With one hand on his chest and the other on the lower leg, she can wiggle back and forth to allow for maximum pleasure.


4) Rocking chair

No longer an item just for old folks! Get on the rocking chair and get into the Caboose position, and you’ll certainly love that rocking motion which allows to you really feel each other.

How to ........

He sits on the chair with her backed up into his lap. As the chair begins rocking the thrusting occurs naturally. This position is also ideal for wondering hands which can also add extra satisfaction.


 5) Rug

There’s nothing like the feel of a luxury rug, especially on bare naked bodies. The Eagle is a great position, and it won’t leave you with carpet burns!

How to ........ 

She lies on her back with her legs up, but slightly bent in the air. He kneels between her legs, grabs her thighs and has full control of speed and depth of entry.    


6) Executive Swivel Chair

Sexy secretary, or big boss – whoever you want to be when you’re trying the Champagne Room, you’re likely to want to work overtime on an Executive Swivel Chair 


How to ........  

He sits in the chair. She lowers herself on to his lap sitting on top of him facing away. The pace and thrusts are fully in her control.


7) Glass Coffee Table

The feeling of cool glass on the back and a hot body above makes the Mountain Climber one of the best positions on this piece of furniture. Just make the coffee table is strong enough!

How to ........  

She lies down on the cool coffee table with her legs open and slightly bent. He, placing his arms either side of the table in the form of a press up lowering himself into her. This is a great position for him to have full control and allow for lots of teasing by only slight entry.


8) Garden Bench 

Everyone has that desire to let the passions flow out in the open.  The Al fresco delights can be yours by trying the Pinball Wizard on a Garden Bench. Tricky to master, but oh, so worth it!


How to ........

She lies down full length on the bench with her buttocks on the very end. He stands between her legs and lifts them up to his waist lifting her fully off the bench so only her shoulders and head are supported.

He has full control in this position and can thrust very deep.


 9) Hammock

Just like the hanging chair, a little bit of motion really adds to hitting the spot. Although she needs to be pretty flexible, the Seashell position will certainly make you feel like you’re in paradise!


How to ........

Using the width of the hammock, she lies down so her upper back and head are fully supported and places her legs as far up and slightly over her shoulders as she can. He lies on top and enters her in a missionary type position. The thrusting action should really make the hammock swing and add to the pleasure. 

10) Chaise Longue

A sexy Chaise Longue will certainly get you in the mood  for a little spice. The Peg is a very simple maneuver which allows for lots of eye contact.

How to ........ 

He lies on the Chaise Longue with his legs slightly parted and bent. She lies on top of him with her legs closed in a slightly stiff straight position. Look into each other eyes as you move to see the pure passion.

11) Breakfast Bar 

Perfect for that morning bit of passion. The Breakfast Bar is the perfect height to begin the ‘Upstanding Citizen’ position. This maneuver lets him wow her with his strength whilst also allowing real pleasure as the right spot is hit.

How to ........  

She starts perched on the edge of the breakfast bar with her thighs open. He stands in-between her thighs and enters her, as he does she wraps her legs around his waist. After some pleasurable thrusting, whilst inside he grabs hold of her thighs and lifts her off the breakfast bar allowing extra deepness and satisfaction.

12) Ball Chair

A very sexy chair which allows a lot of intimacy. The Ball Chair allows the perfect opportunity to act out the ‘Edge of Heaven’ position with your lover. 

How to ........  

He sits on the edge of the chair with his legs on the floor. She sits on his lap facing him with her legs over his. He holds firmly on to her thighs as he thrusts deep inside.

This is a great position for deep penetration and provides great access to the right spots.

If you have been inspired by the above and want to expand your furniture antics further, why not browse our site and see what other designer furniture you can experiment with? From the Aldo Bar Stool to the Swan Sofa we're sure you'll find something worth trying!